5 interior design trends for 2023

As we move into 2023, interior design trends are beginning to shift and evolve. Many of the most popular trends for this year revolve around creating a comfortable living space that’s visually striking and aesthetically appealing. 

As an interior’s brand owner, I understand how important it is to get ahead of the latest design trends and how easy it can be to update a space, with just a few key changes.

I’ve picked five of the predicted top interior design trends for 2023 to help you get a head start on this year’s upcoming trends.

1. Earth Tones

Incorporating earthy or neutral tones into your decor is a great way to bring a cosy atmosphere to any room. Shades of brown, green, and grey can give off a calming vibe that’s perfect for creating an inviting space.

You can also add pops of colour with plants or bright accents such as throw pillows or art pieces.

Natural materials are the easiest way to incorporate this trend, choose items made of stone, wood and fabrics like linen or cotton to quickly incorporate this trend into your home. Products like this Woven Bamboo Wall Shelf or this Beige Linen Cottage Wall Light are quick and easy ways to add some earthy tones to your home.

2. Heritage 

Heritage style interiors are back in trend due to the rise of thrifting, with people turning to flea markets and vintage stores for their furniture and home decor.  We first saw this trend begin to translate into the mainstream due to the popularity of wall panelling and farmhouse sinks over the past year. 

The great thing about the Heritage trend is that it is a classic interior style that will not date, it’s already vintage!

Traditional elements like reeded glass, scalloped edges and baroque detailing are simple ways you can begin to incorporate this trend into your home. Choose products like this White Reeded Glass Wall Cabinet,  this Large Round Gold Scalloped Wall Mirror or this Large Ornate White Wall/Leaner Mirror to quickly jump on this trend.

3. Statement Glass

Statement glass is an eye-catching trend that’s perfect for making a bold statement in your home. Statement glass pieces can be used as wall art, table decor or as standalone decor pieces . They can be crafted from anything from regular glass to stained glass and range in colour and texture depending on the look you’re going for. 

A simple way to include statement glass in your home is through a mirror. For lovers of colour this Green & Pink Glass Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror is the right choice. While fans of geometric style will love this Large Black Smoked Glass Geometric Mirror.

4. Silver Accents

While gold will never go out of style, silver accents are predicted to be 2023’s biggest metal trend. Silver is easy to incorporate into any home and the polished look can blend into any established interior style.

Think about updating your drawer knobs, curtain tie backs or wall hooks, these small changes can instantly update your space to fit with this trend, without breaking the bank. Melody Maison’s range of drawer knobs span a wide variety of designs with silver finishes.

5. Dopamine

Dopamine interiors are simply using colour, patterns and texture to help make you feel happier. Described as a form of interior escapism in the face of an uncertain global climate, this way of decorating your home focuses on mood lifting changes such as paint, furniture and accessories with a colourful and whimsical element. 

A colour palette of bright yellows, pinks and blues is key to nailing this trend. Products featuring funny phrases or cute animals are ideal for dopamine interiors. While bold patterns such as animal prints, stripes or checks are commonly used in dopamine spaces. 

Choose items like these Set Of 3 Gold Elephants Head Wall Hooks or this Art Deco Ceramic Monochrome Storage Jar to help you jump on this interior trend.

These are my current 5 favourite 2023 design trends!

Have you already updated your home to reflect these? Are you planning on jumping on these trends?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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