5 Easy ways to update your home for spring

When March comes around, we all start to get that spring cleaning feeling!

With the new season, we often want to get organised and give our interiors a refresh. Are you getting ready to give your home a much-needed makeover? Don’t worry if you’re being budget conscious this year, you don’t need to break the bank to transform your space!

Here are five easy and budget friendly ways you can update your home:

1. Get Reflective

One of the quickest ways to update your home is by introducing a new mirror.

Not only do mirrors create a larger feeling room, but they also reflect light making any room look brighter and more inviting. Place mirrors in darker corners to maximise space and brighten the mood of any room

Hang wall mirrors above fireplaces, console tables or sideboards to fill up empty wall spaces. While larger, full length mirrors look fabulous leant against walls in a bedroom or dressing room and will instantly make a space look far larger. 

The mirror you choose will ultimately depend on your personal style and chosen interior theme. Browse Melody Maison’s full range for all options.

2. A Fresh Lick

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spruce up any space! It will instantly reinvigorate bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms—you name it!

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, consider an accent wall to add dimension to any room. While for a more fun look, play around with colourful painted shapes, like circles or arches. 

Repaint your skirting, dado and picture rails in contrasting colours to your walls for a different look. Farrow & Ball have a wide variety of high quality paint colours available.

3. Accessorise your space

Replacing your home accessories is an easy way to transform the look of your home without having to commit to a larger renovation project. 

Simple, small homeware peices like vases, ornaments and trinket jars will add a decorative touch to any table, shelf or sideboard space. If you are adding multiple decor pieces to one space, make sure they are of different heights, as this is more visually appealing.

A quick way to update your home are with wall accessories, they quickly fill up space and will instantly entertain the eye. Items like wall clocks, framed prints and wall sconces will add a unique touch to your wall space and quickly fill up that empty space.

While candle holders and photograph frames are a simple yet stylish way to add a touch of decor to a side table or coffee table area.

4. Go Green

Plants are an inexpensive way to bring life into any room. Not only do they purify air naturally, but they also give off calming vibes while adding colour and texture throughout the space.

Larger trees like fig trees or wide leaf plants like a monstera, can quickly fill up space in a room and are a great decor choice for empty corners. Smaller plants are fabulous accessories for shelves, windowsills or console tables. 

Place your plants in bold plant pots, on quirky plant stands or in baskets that match your personal decor theme, to add a different dimension to your home.

5. Start Rearranging

Have you ever heard that furniture rearranging can be good for the soul?  Well it’s true! The ancient arts of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are well known globally and their principles have been followed for hundreds of years. 

Though these concepts are far more in depth than just moving around your furniture, you can implement these ideas to quickly change how your home feels. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact this small change can make without having to spend a dime.

So there you have it—five simple and affordable ways to update your home! Whether you decide on mirrors, paint or plants, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your house feel like a home. 

Happy decorating!

Anna xx

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