How to: Make your home look vintage

Vintage interior never go out of style!

Classic, elegant and always chic, the vintage look can be easily achieved by carefully selecting items with the right look. You don’t have to be an antiques collector to make your home look vintage, the vintage look can be achieved by buying brand new pieces, its all about the style!

Read on for my top tips for achieving a vintage look in your home with your furniture, mirrors and home accessories!

1.) Design, Design, Design!

For an item to look vintage, its all about the design!

For a traditional vintage look, choose furniture items with a delicate, curved design, ornate detailing and antique inspired handles

For example, Furniture pieces with a pale, neutral finish like ivory or a dark, rich polished wooden finish are your best choice. Furniture with a Cabriole style leg, festoon detailing and drop, pull style metal handles are instantly identifiable as vintage in design and will easily make your home look more antique like.

2.) It’s all about the finish!

The thing about vintage items, is that they have survived through many years and naturally have wear and tear to reflect this. For example, if you are choosing a mirror, opt for one with a tarnished, gilt look frame or one with a distressed, painted finish. If you can find a mirror with antique or smoked glass, even better, as this mimics the look of genuine antique mirrors.

As with the furniture, the more ornate the frame, the more vintage it looks! Opt for items with heavily baroque style finishes, with floral or fleur de lis detailing featuring heavily on legitimate vintage items.

3.) Style it right!

The right styling can easily make a contemporary space look more vintage. Choose home accessories like gilt photograph frames, coloured glassware or wall sconces. These types of items were often found in vintage homes and can be easily replicated through modern methods, while still retaining an antique look. As the vintage look is all about collecting, the more home accessories you group together, the more antique a space feels. Don’t worry about your room looking cluttered, thats the vibe your aiming for!

For wall art, choose classical paintings or water colours, portraits of people or landscapes are always popular and easy to find. A skeleton clock can quickly fill up an empty wall space, and can be picked up from most interior stores, while still feeling vintage.

Those are my top tips for a vintage style space. Let me know what you think!



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