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    5 Easy ways to update your home for spring

    When March comes around, we all start to get that spring cleaning feeling!

    With the new season, we often want to get organised and give our interiors a refresh. Are you getting ready to give your home a much-needed makeover? Don’t worry if you’re being budget conscious this year, you don’t need to break the bank to transform your space!

    Here are five easy and budget friendly ways you can update your home:

    1. Get Reflective

    One of the quickest ways to update your home is by introducing a new mirror.

    Not only do mirrors create a larger feeling room, but they also reflect light making any room look brighter and more inviting. Place mirrors in darker corners to maximise space and brighten the mood of any room

    Hang wall mirrors above fireplaces, console tables or sideboards to fill up empty wall spaces. While larger, full length mirrors look fabulous leant against walls in a bedroom or dressing room and will instantly make a space look far larger. 

    The mirror you choose will ultimately depend on your personal style and chosen interior theme. Browse Melody Maison’s full range for all options.

    2. A Fresh Lick

    A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spruce up any space! It will instantly reinvigorate bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms—you name it!

    If you’re looking for something more dramatic, consider an accent wall to add dimension to any room. While for a more fun look, play around with colourful painted shapes, like circles or arches. 

    Repaint your skirting, dado and picture rails in contrasting colours to your walls for a different look. Farrow & Ball have a wide variety of high quality paint colours available.

    3. Accessorise your space

    Replacing your home accessories is an easy way to transform the look of your home without having to commit to a larger renovation project. 

    Simple, small homeware peices like vases, ornaments and trinket jars will add a decorative touch to any table, shelf or sideboard space. If you are adding multiple decor pieces to one space, make sure they are of different heights, as this is more visually appealing.

    A quick way to update your home are with wall accessories, they quickly fill up space and will instantly entertain the eye. Items like wall clocks, framed prints and wall sconces will add a unique touch to your wall space and quickly fill up that empty space.

    While candle holders and photograph frames are a simple yet stylish way to add a touch of decor to a side table or coffee table area.

    4. Go Green

    Plants are an inexpensive way to bring life into any room. Not only do they purify air naturally, but they also give off calming vibes while adding colour and texture throughout the space.

    Larger trees like fig trees or wide leaf plants like a monstera, can quickly fill up space in a room and are a great decor choice for empty corners. Smaller plants are fabulous accessories for shelves, windowsills or console tables. 

    Place your plants in bold plant pots, on quirky plant stands or in baskets that match your personal decor theme, to add a different dimension to your home.

    5. Start Rearranging

    Have you ever heard that furniture rearranging can be good for the soul?  Well it’s true! The ancient arts of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are well known globally and their principles have been followed for hundreds of years. 

    Though these concepts are far more in depth than just moving around your furniture, you can implement these ideas to quickly change how your home feels. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact this small change can make without having to spend a dime.

    So there you have it—five simple and affordable ways to update your home! Whether you decide on mirrors, paint or plants, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your house feel like a home. 

    Happy decorating!

    Anna xx

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    5 interior design trends for 2023

    As we move into 2023, interior design trends are beginning to shift and evolve. Many of the most popular trends for this year revolve around creating a comfortable living space that’s visually striking and aesthetically appealing. 

    As an interior’s brand owner, I understand how important it is to get ahead of the latest design trends and how easy it can be to update a space, with just a few key changes.

    I’ve picked five of the predicted top interior design trends for 2023 to help you get a head start on this year’s upcoming trends.

    1. Earth Tones

    Incorporating earthy or neutral tones into your decor is a great way to bring a cosy atmosphere to any room. Shades of brown, green, and grey can give off a calming vibe that’s perfect for creating an inviting space.

    You can also add pops of colour with plants or bright accents such as throw pillows or art pieces.

    Natural materials are the easiest way to incorporate this trend, choose items made of stone, wood and fabrics like linen or cotton to quickly incorporate this trend into your home. Products like this Woven Bamboo Wall Shelf or this Beige Linen Cottage Wall Light are quick and easy ways to add some earthy tones to your home.

    2. Heritage 

    Heritage style interiors are back in trend due to the rise of thrifting, with people turning to flea markets and vintage stores for their furniture and home decor.  We first saw this trend begin to translate into the mainstream due to the popularity of wall panelling and farmhouse sinks over the past year. 

    The great thing about the Heritage trend is that it is a classic interior style that will not date, it’s already vintage!

    Traditional elements like reeded glass, scalloped edges and baroque detailing are simple ways you can begin to incorporate this trend into your home. Choose products like this White Reeded Glass Wall Cabinet,  this Large Round Gold Scalloped Wall Mirror or this Large Ornate White Wall/Leaner Mirror to quickly jump on this trend.

    3. Statement Glass

    Statement glass is an eye-catching trend that’s perfect for making a bold statement in your home. Statement glass pieces can be used as wall art, table decor or as standalone decor pieces . They can be crafted from anything from regular glass to stained glass and range in colour and texture depending on the look you’re going for. 

    A simple way to include statement glass in your home is through a mirror. For lovers of colour this Green & Pink Glass Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror is the right choice. While fans of geometric style will love this Large Black Smoked Glass Geometric Mirror.

    4. Silver Accents

    While gold will never go out of style, silver accents are predicted to be 2023’s biggest metal trend. Silver is easy to incorporate into any home and the polished look can blend into any established interior style.

    Think about updating your drawer knobs, curtain tie backs or wall hooks, these small changes can instantly update your space to fit with this trend, without breaking the bank. Melody Maison’s range of drawer knobs span a wide variety of designs with silver finishes.

    5. Dopamine

    Dopamine interiors are simply using colour, patterns and texture to help make you feel happier. Described as a form of interior escapism in the face of an uncertain global climate, this way of decorating your home focuses on mood lifting changes such as paint, furniture and accessories with a colourful and whimsical element. 

    A colour palette of bright yellows, pinks and blues is key to nailing this trend. Products featuring funny phrases or cute animals are ideal for dopamine interiors. While bold patterns such as animal prints, stripes or checks are commonly used in dopamine spaces. 

    Choose items like these Set Of 3 Gold Elephants Head Wall Hooks or this Art Deco Ceramic Monochrome Storage Jar to help you jump on this interior trend.

    These are my current 5 favourite 2023 design trends!

    Have you already updated your home to reflect these? Are you planning on jumping on these trends?

    Leave a comment and let me know!

    View more 2023 trend items:

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    How to Nail the Top Interiors Trends of 2018 (part 1)

    Sorry Ive been away from the blog for a while, but Im back with some of my fave style trends and passions that are still rocking the interiors world in 2018. If you have ever viewed my own home on my instagram account You will know my tastes are varied and many. From the palest and the prettiest of decors to the darkest and quirkiest of styles, but the one thing I cant resist is a new trend, yup tend to like um all, just cant resist a bandwagon! Ill be jumping right on it, and adding it somewhere in my home. Whether its a colour or a thing, l’m usually right at the front of the queue to try it. Heres some of my favourites right now:

    1 Critter chic

    Adding unusual and exotic birds and animalia to your decor has been around for a little while now, but the trend is growing, and new animals are becoming must haves all the time. Yes it has extended beyond the flamingo (still love them) to include any creature from an octopus to a leopard, and the high street brands are well and truly on board now, so Its easy to pick up yourself a piece of cute or quirky that will challenge the high end brands offerings for on-trend style .

    So whether its a wall mounted beast, a divine swan,  or a table top mantis (yep I own one of those!) make like David Bellamy (if you are under 35, you will probably need to google this name!) and give the animal kingdom a whirl. Heres a few more of my favourites, reasonably priced pieces

    2. The luxe look

    And most especially all things gold and shiny and a little bit rock star! – Gold has taken a back seat to silvers and chromes since the 80s, when anyone who had a posh Nana , she would almost certainly have had gold taps, and it was practically compulsory to take all your friends to look at said taps to impress them. But no more, silver is being budged out, and gold is not just for the posh Nana’s! Im currently in the process of changing my silver kitchen door handles and taps to the gold side, and you don’t need to be midas to make this happen, handles from 3 quid on eBay, and full swan neck taps like this one from high street bathroom stores are priced the same as silver – amen to that I say.


    And its not just the taps, even if you just want a piece of the gold stuff, try a pen pot or a mirror, or for all out luxe,  the must-have bar cart. And it sits well with so may colours, perfect with pink and white as an undertone, or great against a strong dark colour to shout ‘wow’ at all who pass. So make like an 80’s Nana and give gold a go, I defy you not to fall in love.


    3. Whopping Wallpapers

    Yet another revival from the past I hear you cry, yep think 60’s and 70’s here though, for the current trend of flamboyant designs, so think oversized palms, or roses bigger than your head for a true 2018 look. If you are brave enough, do the whole room, trust me it works. Or maybe start with the loo, or the bathroom, as small rooms carry large and blousey prints so well. I have a moulin rouge style oversized print in my downstairs loo and coupled with a matching theatrical pelmet and gold accents, it looks the biz.

    If you don’t want to tackle the whole room, but would love to give it a go, try lining the back of a bookcase, or framing a piece like a big picture on your wall. Heres a few of my current faves, and ones I find most inspiring. Yep, its go large or go home with these beauties, which ones your fave?



    oh, and before i go, my aforementioned  downstairs loo …..


    I’m back next with part 2 of the top 2018 trends I love, as theres simply too many to cover in one go (eek!) so I hope to see you there!


    Anna x



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    How to bring a touch of the ‘Gatsby’ style to your home

    In this current age, there are more fashion styles for homes than ever before, whilst I don’t have all of them in my home (and boy I have a few!) I admire most tastes in décor. One that has always fascinated me, but never made its way into my home however is art deco. That is all about to change however, as I’m planning a huge project in a room with a nod to this style at the forefront of my plans.

    We all love a bit of olden days glamour, and the mystique of the early part of the last century, and most especially the roaring ‘20s and all that surrounded the underworld at that time was summed up in the tale of ‘The Great Gatsby’, the 1920’s novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald, more recently reinvigorated in the blockbuster film , by the great Director Baz Luhman (He who knows how to style a film!) in which this look was brought to life in full colour glory and embraced to the max. I love a good film, but I’m more likely to be hooked when they have a stunning backdrop! – This a time when anyone who was anyone wanted to shorten the length of their skirts, dance, drink alcohol, and live the American dream. Of course a lot of this was either illegal or immoral back then (thankfully not now, otherwise most of us, me included, would be well and truly in trouble!)

    However, I’m not here to judge there (or your) levels of skill or depravity on the dance floor and drinking scene! I’m here to talk about the décor of the time, and whoa, did they know how to do glam!

    You only have to look at programs like Downtown Abbey or the Films based around this era, to see they did rich, opulent and lots of shape and form. Colours were dark and rich, and strong and glitzy. Think velvet, feathers, brass, mirrors, tassels, with bold gold, silver, and black and sumptuous pinks, coppers and whites, and the great news is, we can all put a taste of all or any of those in small or large doses into our home décor.

    Black and Gold

    These 2 colours combined, say wow , striking, lush, warm and rich – try to find angled shapes, in particular fan shapes, heres some great pieces that will add small dashes of the bygone era.

    What about this stunning wallpaper from graham and brown, absolutely right for the these, and in case you don’t want to go too bold, use of the paneled cream bottom to the wall, keeps it elegant , but equally, just adding the paper to one wall, of even lining the back of a bookcase will bring a flash of the stunning look to your home.


    These 2 colours combined, say wow , striking, lush, warm and rich – try to find angled shapes, in particular fan shapes, heres some great pieces that will add small dashes of the bygone era. These lamps and wings from Melody Maison, and the tables from Windsor browne certainly hit the colour trend.


    And what about floor coverings, well a pale cream ultra deep n thick carpet would suit this scheme perfectly, but if you have pets or children (or a penchant for red wine!) perhaps a dark colour would be more forgiving. This black and gold rug is just perfect from irugs.co.uk, and at £159, it aint gonna get no-one in trouble with the mob! (please only read this last line in a thick New York accent, otherwise, you will just assume Ive gone mad!)


    But its not all about the black!

    So what about if black just isn’t your bag, no worries, cream, teal, off white, gold , silver, amber and powder pink are just the ticket

    Look at this gorgeous pink and gold rug from Amara.com , so beautiful

    Arris Rug – Pink – 120x180cm from Arama Living

    And these velvet rounded back sofas are just perfect for this look, room for you and Mr Gatsby!

    and what about these gorgeous cushions from zara home cushions to top it off

    Feather your nest?


    Other perfect pieces of furniture to finish this look are Metal and Mirrored furniture pieces, silver and gold furniture and of course mirrors themselves are a must, think luxurious, think angled edges. Look at this gold edges side table with foxed glass , and the geometric surround mirror is just screaming 20’s

    But no Gatsby style look would be complete without a hint of what made it the most  fascinating of eras, the cocktails! So if you do one thing, grab yourself a gold drinks trolley This little lovely from Atkin and Thyme is all the rage right now, but equally second hand ones are all over ebay for as little as £40. No room for that? go for   a mirrored gold drinks tray, gold/mirrored preferably, and some 20s styles drinks accessories and go a bit mad

    Stirling Bar Trolley – From Atkin and Thyme


    Or for the truly decadent statement glasses, designed by Germany glass company Ritzenhoff and available in this country from dark decor specialists rockett st George. At £19.50 each, they are investment pieces, but how beautiful (picture me groaning ever so slightly at the beauty of these!) I Have these on my Christmas wish list (not sure anyone’s listening mind!!?)

    Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute – Patricia Urquiola


    The Roaring 20s Christmas!

    Well its nearly that time of year, so how can I resist dropping in a bit of Crimbly chat!

    This look is s easy to work for Christmas decor and Table decor, think feather and pearls, and mirrored glass. I am having a Gatsby themed Christmas table this year, ( I am also making all my guests dress up (they don’t know this yet, so Im going have to get onto that bombshell this weekend!) We tend to do glamorous attire anyway, but never had an actual dress theme, so Im getting my own back for all the years Ive hosted Christmas Day, and styled Christmas lunch for 25plus people, they now have to BE part of the theme! so Ill let you know how that’s going nearer the time)

    In the meantime, heres some my pinterest inspiration that Im basing my table on , all of these are easy to recreate, and you can use a lot of things you already own, just add some glitter, diamontes,  pearls or feathers to anything and dashes of the key Gatsby colours and you’re away!


    And finally, if you want to add a bit of Gatsby to your Tree decorations this year, here’s some lovely bits from Debenhams that are perfect


    So, what are you waiting for,  go channel your inner Gatsby!

    Thanks for reading, sorry I’ve been away from the blog so long, Melody Maison and Windsor Browne are very time consuming as this time of year!

    And, BTW, Please check out my insta page, as I do try to get on there every couple of days with pics of my own home,

    And don’t forget to carry on sending in your inspiring pictures of your home to our facebook page , or email them to customerservices@melodymaison.co.uk ,  as we love seeing those and always try to publish them on our website

    Wishing you well

    Anna x

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    How to master the art of ‘maximalism arranging’

    You know by now Im a self certified collector (some call it hoarder, I prefer collector!)

    From the charity shop finds, to the beautiful bits I acquire whilst sourcing product for Melody Maison and WindsorBrowne , my house is fairly full to the brim, so what do I do with them?

    Well, i love ‘arranging’  – so filling a surface with a collection, and arranging them,  just like flowers, only with objects. My taste is vast. From the ever-so-pretty to the downright quirky (and everything in between)

    So how do you start arranging , and what should you do to stop it looking like a jumble sale stall! Heres my top tips,  from how to begin your hoard (I mean collection!) where to buy, and to how to assemble it

    One of quirky windsor browne style mantel piece collections – Hare from Dunelm

    My Number 1 tip is :

    Mix it up! – By all means pick a style, or a colour palette, but don’t shop for everything in one place. Visit car boot sales, eBay, charity shops (some of my most amazing finds are from these sort of places, and you get a double glow from owning something wonderful, but that only cost a few pounds , sometimes pence!) Then visit the vintage fairs, antiques markets and your favourite On-line and high street retailers as well as unusual boutique home wares shops so your collections are diverse and an interesting talking point ( I love telling stories of my nik-nak finds to anyone who will listen, from the beautiful mirror I found in a skip, to the jug I paid a £1 for that was worth £50!


    Pretty bits n bobs in my dining room

    Tip number 2 :

    Always buy with your heart, choose things that speak to you – usually with the words “if you don’t buy me today I wont be here tomorrow, and then you will be sad!”  Never buy just because you think the shape or colour is the missing thing, rather than just loving it yourself. I have bought plenty like this, and now I’ve learned to stop and think, ‘can I look at this every day for years and still love it?’ if the answer is Yes, great, you know what to do!

    There’s pretty much one of everything here! – Rabbit from Anthropologie

    Tip number 3

    Don’t be frightened of mixing colours and styles. If you are choosing with your heart then it will usually work. And if it doesn’t , start a new collection elsewhere! Interior design rules typically says choose no more than 3 colours, and stage things in groups of descending sizes….blah, blah, blah.  When choosing colour, I say pick 3, pick 7, pick 9, as long as they all speak to each other, or reference something else in the room, like a flower in a rug,  or a design on a cushion, go for it . This is not show home arranging this is maximalism!

    FullSizeRender (7)
    Simple colours & variety make my kitchen window have personality, but it’s still clean looking . Squirrel from Partylite

    Tip number 4

    So you’ve got past the colour thing, now what about themes. Themes are great for this sort of arranging, but don’t get carried away, a shelf with 42 teapots, or 64 cat ornaments may seem cute, but also might may make you look a bit crazy! so don’t go all one thing in one space (animal clutter is great btw, big fan, just remember to break it up around the house!) So for instance at the moment Ive got a thing for ornamental rocking and wooden horses, yes I have 3 mixed in with this arrangement, but the other 5 I own are scattered on other surfaces .


    FullSizeRender (6)
    Pretty shabby chic collection

    Tip number 4

    Don’t do too much symmetry. I too can appreciate  the show home look with a candelabra at either end, and 2 of everything all symmetrically arranged in descending sizes in between, but the maximalism look requires mashing it up. Put 2 of the same thing at either end, it works, but equally it may look just as good right next to each other


    Tip number 5

    Now , what to pick? Don’t be frightened to break ‘rules’ Pictures and mirrors aren’t just for walls, they look great lent up at the back of an arrangement. And vases aren’t just for flowers, fill them with feathers, or fairy lights or smaller collectables if its see-through. Yes throw away that rule book!


    FullSizeRender (11)
    Some very pretty clutter!


    Tip number 6:

    I like to move it, move it….and move it again! Once you are happy with the positioning or say 2 or 3 larger or important pieces, work all the other items around those, but it may take time. I sometimes move a surface around at least 5 or 6 times…and then I do it again! sometimes on a weekly basis till I’m happy or to allow a new treasure to be inserted somewhere (and to be totally honest,  I am a professional ‘faffer’ so I’m never going to be entirely happy , so one day every few months I will probably move it all around again!)


    Tip number 7:

    Finally, tip 7 is the maximalist big one – Invest in an ostrich feather duster! Sadly (i think tragically) the reason most people are averse to ‘ornamenting’ is the dust. I get it, it drives you crazy, but not only are ostrich feathers super delicate and light, so you can swish and poke them everywhere without risking breaking everything, they are also statically charged, so they will take the dust away with them , not just move it around.

    So why not have a go, start by bringing a few of your favourite things together, and see what transpires. And if you are including any Melody Maison Or Windsor Browne gems in there, don’t forget to email me at customer services with pics, as we love to include customer pics on our inspiration pages


    Till next time

    Anna x






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